Quick Links


  1. Do I have to login to the EarthDat site?
    No, you do not have to login. EAGE’s EarthDat site is free to use.

  2. Who contributes to EarthDat?
    The content of EarthDat is provided by scholars and professionals who want to share their models, data and software and make it public for others. If you would like to contribute to EarthDat, please contact us at

  3. How do I use the search function?
    You can type keywords in the simple search form on the left side of the site. These words are then searched for in any part of an entry. To search more specifically, for example for authors or titles, you can use the Advanced Search.
    You can also use the list of keywords to browse through the various records or browse the different publication types that are available.

  4. Is it possible to see all records in the database?
    Yes. If you click on the search button without entering a keyword all available records appear in the results.